How much is a set of bottled purified water equipment?

by:NEWLINE     2020-07-19
How much is a set of bottled purified water equipment? Recently often have a lot of friends asked me, how much is a set of bottled pure water equipment investment? The problem is the need to see your factory size, everyday want to production of more than a few, to determine what equipment to use. General price from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of devices, see the specific configuration and requirements. Actually a bottled pure water equipment composed mainly of water storage tank, ultrafiltration equipment, pure water, brush barrels machines, bottled water filling machine and other small accessories, the main equipment is bottled pure water filling machine, this equipment is a set of disinfection, washing, casing, gland and send out of one of the, the machine will be divided into: washing bottle, filling and electric control and pneumatic control. Part 1, the washing bottle: ( 1) Washing bottle drive mechanism; ( 2) Bottle holder; ( 3) Liquid washing bottle pumps; ( 4) Medicine tank; ( 5) Pure water washing bottle pumps; ( 6) Transmission chain. Part 2, filling: ( 1) Filling the cylinder; ( 2) Filling valve; ( 3) Manage cover motors and set of cover device; ( 4) Gland cylinder and device. 3, electrical parts: consists of microcomputer programming device and electric cabinet. 4 and pneumatic parts: consists of cylinder, pneumatic solenoid valve and pneumatic electric cabinet. The above is a brief introduction of bottled pure water equipment, as everybody knows, investment in water to produce pure water this business and that kind of money, but still to go normal procedure, deal with production license to manufacture, dunk workshop purification engineering also want ahead of time, after all, it is to let a person to drink pure water, to do the clean health, accord with a standard to sell to the market.
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