How to deal with the fault of the filling machine

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-14
How to deal with the fault of the filling machine 2017-01-24 10:05 The filling machine will have symptoms such as 'fever and cold' after being used for a long period of time. Because some liquid products have a certain viscosity, liquid filling machines are more prone to 'sickness'. Of course, the common cold is a very common mild disease, but if timely and effective treatment, the consequences will be very serious. The same is true for liquid filling machines. , So let us “treat” the liquid filling machinery in time! Any equipment has some simple faults after working for a long time. For example, the operation of the filling machine in the drip irrigation process believes that the accuracy of the filling machine is not correct, and the filling machine does not work. These are all necessary professionals to manipulate. Today, Xiangxing is to tell you the filling machine disease and learn the correct medicine. The most likely 'disease' of filling machinery is more and more precise accuracy. This incorrect production is not only related to product viscosity and filling, but also to machine settings, including a single filling volume setting and filling speed setting. Set the opening and closing speed of other valves. These data sets should be determined according to the detailed filling products. The main product is still viscosity. Under normal circumstances, as long as these values u200bu200bare set fairly, inaccurate filling of liquid filling machines will occur. The frequency is very low; do not think that the 'root cause' and 'treatment' are found, even if it has been completed, and be careful to let the liquid filling machine fully recover. Free replacement of the liquid filling machine circuit, direct water washing of the machine body, do not follow the operating steps, and pay attention to the behavior of the machine and environmental sanitation, which will accelerate the aging of the liquid filling machine. Wipe and clean the internal and external dirt of the machine body regularly, use cleaning fluid to clean the machine, use the machine in accordance with the correct operating procedures, and regularly check the working condition of the liquid filling machine. If the problem is found, the cause cannot be found or the problem cannot be solved. Consult a professional. The only way is to ensure that our liquid filling machine is healthy and happy every day
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