How to maintain the bottled water filling machine

by:NEWLINE     2020-07-25
Bottled water filling machine is a filling, the plug, the plug in the pressure, the inside cover, screw cover, PLC control and other major parts. Through CAM transmission, accurate, smooth transmission. PLC automatic control filling, pressure inside the plug, screw cap, etc. And automatic bottle blowing machine, can be produced directly by the bottle blowing into the filling system, prevent cross infection, the entire process was done under aseptic conditions. No need for washing bottle and drying. Bottled water filling machine working process: first, using blunt bottle machine to wash the bottle inside, it basically is to pass by the wind, tuming machine back wheel on a bottle clamp, clamp bottle turn 180 degrees, make the bottle down, at this time to clean the bottle. Then rinse the bottles sent to the filling machine, into the bottle filling machine by bottleneck board live to rise, the open bottle filling valve. After the filling into the screw cap machine. Screw cap machine to stabilise the bottle first, keep the bottle in a vertical state, and then screw in the screw cap on the modesty of revolution and rotation. After the above steps are completed delivery from filling equipment. How to maintain the bottled water filling machine: 1, bottled water filling machine for stainless copper shell itself, please do not use hard, sharp sharp scrape the surface of cylinder in factory has good lubrication, please do not open or any lubricating oil. 2, when the piston filling machine cleaning before, should be cleared within the remaining product, and then filled with soft cleaning fluid in the tank. It is recommended to use warm water. Need to use soap and water, alcohol or other cleaning fluid. 3, when unpick and wash piston and to loosen the screw holding on at the same time, lest affect when demolition * a another process requirement. Now bottled water filling machine is widespread application in our life, such as our common food, beverage, medicine, daily chemical industry such as the production is inseparable from the filling machine equipment. For a long time, filling machine is the solid backing beverage market, especially modern people on the market for goods quality requirements are increasing, the increasing market demand, the enterprise to the requirement of automatic production, in this case, filling machine is becoming the hot filling equipment. Plus in recent years, the improvement of science and technology, the domestic bottled water filling machine industry also obtained fast development, technology level, equipment performance, quality has improved greatly, on the support of enterprises, production safety play an important role.
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