How to regulate aluminum foil cover machine operation and matters needing attention?

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-26
How to regulate aluminum foil cover machine operation and matters needing attention? 2019 - 04 - 01 09:13:07 mechanization production improve our enterprise production efficiency, increase the scale of production at the same time. We also cannot ignore the importance of safe operation in the process of production operation, many of the news reports of plant explosion had to let us reflect on events such as fire casualties, the importance of safe operation. Below small make up for the safety and security of carding machine by aluminum foil cover operation procedures. A, operation method, before use check 1: after installation of the machine, connect the power supply, commissioning three-phase motor, ensure the running in the right direction, to ensure that the pressure and flow of compressed air, check the motor, bearings, such as whether to need to add lubricant, it is strictly prohibited without oil, normal rear can start the machine, observe each part fasteners for loose at the same time, for each part is in stable condition after the operation, can the normal use; 2, check the safety facilities function is normal; 3, check carefully whether the whole water tank water, before starting the chain plate or jammed, conveyor belt whether there is sundry, reservoir-cap whether there is a cap in the oven, water, electricity, gas is a few barrels, after all you ready, in close the main power supply, the power indicator, failure indicator, stop light is not bright, and the starting condition, press the start button on the control box and filling the start switch, after three buzzer warning, the machine is up and running, into the wash, washing, filling automatic works, downtime can be in in filling and press the stop button control box, and down to turn off the main power supply.
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