How to troubleshoot the barreled water production line and how to solve it

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-25
How to troubleshoot the barreled water production line and how to solve it2018-11-28 09:11 The automatic barreled water production line will encounter some common faults in production and use. Here I will tell you about the daily use and maintenance: first of all Bottled water production line filling volume is not accurate or the causes of such failures: 1. Whether the speed throttle valve and the filling interval throttle valve are closed, and the throttle valve cannot be closed; 2. Inside the fast-installed three-way control valve Check if there is any foreign matter. If so, please clean it. Check if there is air in the tube of the quick-installed three-way control valve and the filling head. If there is air, try to reduce or eliminate the air; 3. Whether all the sealing rings are damaged, if damaged, Please replace it with a new one; 4. Check whether the valve core of the filling nozzle is jammed or delayed to open. If there is a jam, reinstall the valve core. If the opening is delayed, the thin cylinder throttle valve needs to be adjusted; 5. The elastic force of the up and down compression coil springs in the quick-installed three-way control valve, adjust the elastic force of the spring, if the elastic force is too large, the check valve will not open; 6. Whether the filling speed Too fast, adjust the filling speed throttle valve to reduce the filling speed; 7. Check whether all the clamps and hose buckles are well sealed, check and correct; 8. Whether the magnetic switch is loose, please lock it after adjusting the amount each time . Appropriate maintenance can be done after finding out the cause of the fault. If the filling machine is not evenly filled and the joint is tightened at the end, there is air leakage, and it needs to be tightened further. If the machine rotates normally, but there is no dispensing liquid. First check if there is any foreign matter in the valve and clean it immediately if there is any; check whether the upper and lower thimble pins are placed incorrectly in the valve. The correct method should be that the tips of both thimble pins are facing down, and they must not be installed backwards. If the crank cannot rotate normally after starting up.
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