How to use the rural drinking water purification equipment to deal with water

by:NEWLINE     2020-07-26
How to use the rural drinking water purification equipment to deal with water, as you know, in many areas in China, especially in rural areas with poor water quality, contains a lot of iron and manganese, use easy to produce brown rusty spot, wash the clothes will be dyed yellow or brownish yellow stains, precipitation in the inner wall of pipeline caused by iron can make the iron bacteria growth, boil water scaling, etc. , make the tap out & quot; Red water & quot; Wait for a problem. Rural drinking water purification engineering is imperative now, if you want to deal with these problems can be solved through the rural drinking water purification equipment. In the countryside, the use of the general or well water, well water. What should I do then? Actually rural well water contains a large number of iron and manganese, so want to deal with water, need to be addressed by equipment in addition to iron and manganese, mainly by: filtering equipment, piping, KTG oxygen filling equipment, pumps, tanks, etc, to deal with subject for filtering equipment. In addition to the above equipment outside, still need more medium filter, this system is to remove the water and sediment, rust, manganese, red worms, and some solid materials such as metals, all kinds of suspended solids, at the same time to reduce turbidity and chromaticity in raw water, it can filter out of raw water particles, algae and other things visible. Medium filter is a more advanced way of micro flocculation and filtration, provide more medium filter contains different material layers of filter medium, can filter out the impurity does not dissolve in water, can guarantee the SDI value is not more than 4, better to remove the suspended solids in the water or insoluble particles, Oxide, turbidity and particulate matter, etc. ) , with low cost, convenient operation and maintenance, management, etc, especially in the lower turbidity of raw water, the pollution index, etc, has the very good effect. We believe that rural drinking water purification problems using reasonable treatment would be improved, the response country call to improve rural drinking water problems at an early date.
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