Individualized development of beverage machinery manufacturing industry

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-03
The personalized development of the beverage machinery manufacturing industry 2017-02-04 08:45    The development direction of the beverage machinery industry should try to meet the diversified market needs of different types and levels, and provide users with technical equipment that can enhance the taste and enrich the content. The goal of today's beverage machinery industry enterprises.  Increase the technological update to make the products more advanced, more practical, and more in line with hygiene requirements and environmental protection requirements. Taking the PET bottled beverage filling production line as an example, the development of existing low-temperature filling to normal-temperature filling can greatly save energy. As far as the filling equipment is concerned, the current technical characteristics of the domestic beverage production line are low-temperature filling, the filling temperature is 0℃~4℃, the ratio of sugar to water is 1:3~1:6, and the CO2 gas content can be up to 4 times or more. The advantages are that the CO2 gas content is accurate and the beverage temperature is low, which is particularly beneficial to the subsequent filling process. However, in recent years, foreign countries have successively introduced normal temperature filling production lines with a filling temperature of 15°C, and other parameters are the same as those of low temperature filling. Normal temperature filling puts forward higher requirements on the mixer, especially the filling machine. It is best to realize fast and slow filling in the filling process. The biggest benefit of normal temperature filling is energy saving. For the mixer, it does not need to cool the 25°C water to about 0°C, and for the bottle warming machine, it does not need to heat the beverage from about 8°C to 40°C, and its energy-saving effect is very significant.  Diversified packaging. In the packaging process of brewing beverages and other products, diversified packaging is the requirement of the development of the market economy for commodities. Therefore, the diversification of commodity packaging is the development task of the beverage machinery industry. At the same time, the green packaging plan should be fully reflected in the sustainable development strategy. For example, the labeling machine for the production of diversified product packaging, the diversified product packaging machine, and the production of various packaging equipment such as plastic boxes, cartons, and heat shrinkable films for users to choose.   Robotics, mechatronics technology, intelligent computer control technology are widely used. In developed countries, these are already very mature technologies, and they can make traditional mechanical equipment simple and reliable. In the packaging process of brewing beverages and other products, diversified packaging is the requirement of the development of the market economy for commodities. In the process of realizing its complex packaging function, it is almost impossible to manufacture and control it without mechatronics. Specifically, packaging materials must be on-line --- unpacking, depalletizing and unloading machines, finished products off-line ---packing (carton and plastic boxes) machines and palletizers, labeling machines for diversified finished products packaging , Online detection and control, automatic detection of packaging materials and finished products, detection and display and automatic control of working conditions parameters, diversified finished product packaging, automatic control and monitoring management of conveying systems, automatic control systems for saccharification and fermentation, etc. Apply advanced technology and promote the application of CAD (Computer Aided Design), CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing), FMS flexible processing system, three-dimensional warehouse and logistics system under the management of computer MIS system, marketing service system based on information integration, new packaging materials on the premise of energy saving and environmental protection Advanced technologies such as research and development, automatic production line monitoring, management and fault diagnosis systems have brought our country’s beverage machinery manufacturing industry to a higher level.
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