Introduction to China's future market development trend of fruit juice beverage production line

by:NEWLINE     2020-07-19
Fresh orange pulpy, huiyuan juice, unified many products such as packaging production, cannot leave the fruit juice beverage production line of credit. It is them, nutritional and delicious so safe and convenient to reach people 'the tip of the tongue'. In recent years, PET/HDPE plastic bottles have been increasingly applied to the fruit juice drinks packaging. Plastic bottle has a large capacity, strong, lightweight, easy to carry, can be refrigerated and recycled, expand the scope of its application in the field of juice drinks packaging. According to incomplete statistics, the current global plastic containers for beverage bottle consumption each year for more than 1000 ten thousand tons, and its volume is growing at an annual rate of 10% ~ 19%. Fruit juice beverage production line as an important packaging of juice drinks packaging machinery and equipment, also with plastic bottles of wider popularity used in food industry. Juice drinks after years of painstaking efforts, has become a stable and mature products, drinks on the market now advanced fruit juice beverage production line offers numerous fruit juice beverage enterprises zui better solution, not only meet the growth rate of the product and security, and reduces the beverage packaging material cost and operation cost of the enterprise. With the more mature of fruit juice beverage production line, will be more and more large and medium-sized beverage enterprises to provide advanced, stable and reliable equipment, bring more direct cost effective. To sum up, the rapid development of downstream industries and the pursuit of quality of life, inevitable requirement into the corresponding manufacture packaging equipment to meet the needs of production, as well as the packaging machinery of high precision, intelligence, high level put forward higher requirements, so the fruit juice beverage production line in China will present a more broad market prospect.
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