Introduction to the use process and precautions of beverage machinery

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-03
Introduction to the use process and precautions of beverage machinery2018-08-27 10:07 Beverage machinery is a type of filling machinery. For this reason, the general process of beverage filling machinery is divided into: boxes with empty bottles are stacked on pallets, The pallets are sent to the unloading machine by the conveyor belt, the pallets are unloaded one by one, the boxes are sent to the unloading machine with the conveyor belt, the empty bottles are taken out from the boxes, and the empty boxes are sent to the box washing machine through the conveyor belt. Convey to the cartoning machine so that the bottles with beverages can be packed in between. The empty bottles taken out from the unloading machine are sent to the bottle washer for disinfection and cleaning by another conveyor belt. After the bottle inspection machine checks and meets the cleaning specifications, they enter the filling machine and capping machine. The beverage is filled into the bottle by the filling machine. in. The beverage bottles are capped and sealed by the capping machine and transported to the labeling machine for labeling. After labeling, they are sent to the cartoner to be put into the box and then sent to the pallet stacker to be stacked on the pallet and sent to the warehouse. There will be problems when everything is used for a long time. Beverage machinery is no exception. The following is a specific introduction to the use and maintenance methods of this beverage machinery: During use, we need to follow its operating instructions and follow the instructions for vacuum pumps. Carry out regular maintenance, and pay special attention here to not allow reversing, so as not to cause the pump to recognize operation and pump reversal. The parts of the beverage machine can be fastened, and the size of the machine is adjusted according to the size of the package. The joints of the parts need to be lubricated regularly. The important thing here is that when the season is changing, major companies need to thoroughly clean the machinery, and the storage of supporting facilities must be absolutely sealed, and the beverage machinery must be placed in a dry environment to ensure that the beverage machinery Not corroded by liquids and other objects. Improving the filling accuracy of beverage production line equipment is not only to serve customers, but also to better promote the development of the beverage filling machine company itself, so we must continue to learn, absorb more experience, and make products Use longer. Beverage machinery is a kind of filling machinery, and Niulan Machinery's complete set of beverage machinery is a professional manufacturer.
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