Juice filling machine maintenance

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-27
Juice filling machine maintenance 2020-10-29 13:17 As the name implies, the juice filling machine is a machine used to fill the juice into the production bottle after the juice is made. The machine was introduced to help produce juice and fill it into bottles in a more hygienic and orderly manner, and the machine was also introduced to mass-produce juice bottles for sale. This is because if manual methods are used, production will be slow, energy consuming and quite wasteful. Most people worry about how to maintain the juice filling machine after purchasing it from the beverage filling machine manufacturer to maintain its efficiency for a long time. It is important to adopt a maintenance culture for the juice filling machine to prevent the sudden breakdown of the machine, which in turn affects the required output. Maintenance Guidelines To provide you with a viable maintenance guide for the filling machine, a maintenance schedule is designed to prevent minor problems and major disasters, thereby reducing unplanned downtime. Some examples of preventive maintenance tasks include: 1. Machine inspection: The juice filling machine should be inspected frequently to ensure that each of its parts is in good and safe working condition. Maintenance and spot inspection can maintain the value of the juice filling machine and prevent accidental repairs. 2. Regular inspection and replacement of wearing parts: The advantage of machine inspection is that it can help determine the wear parts that need to be replaced. After detecting that they meet the replacement conditions or approaching the replacement date, the next step is to replace those parts to prevent serious damage to the machine. The operator and the machine itself. When the parts of the juice filling machine are loose, it is more likely to malfunction. 3. Ensure high-wear parts inventory: sufficient spare parts for high-wear parts should be available. High-wear parts are those that suffer more wear. When the parts are damaged, it will be easier to replace the fast-wearing parts. 4. Lubricate the machine: The juice filling machine should be lubricated regularly to ensure its efficiency and avoid the wear of machine parts. 5. Operate the machine in accordance with the design specifications: the juice filling machine should not exceed the design specifications recommended by the engineer to avoid mechanical failure and prevent more serious accidents. The beverage machinery of Niulan Machinery adopts foreign advanced technology and combines the characteristics of our country to research and develop on its own. It uses a large number of new technologies, new processes and new structures. It has excellent quality. The neck of the bottle is stuck between the bottle fixing plate and the upper forming plate. The bottle is turned upside down by the clamp driven by the star wheel, so as to realize the three processes of cleaning, filling and sealing. In addition, all parts of the filling equipment in contact with the liquid are made of imported stainless steel or food engineering plastics, which have abrasion resistance and oxidation resistance. Most of its electrical system uses imported parts. This machine has standard food hygiene, stable and reliable performance, low failure rate, fully automatic control and perfect after-sales service. It is very popular among customers at home and abroad. It is an ideal equipment for various beverage production enterprises.
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