Liquid food filling machine is booming and the market has huge potential

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-20
Liquid food filling machines are gaining momentum in the market with huge potential 2017-01-24 15:48 In recent years, PET/HDPE plastic bottles have been increasingly applied to the field of liquid food packaging. Plastic bottles have the characteristics of large capacity, sturdiness, light weight, portability, refrigeration, recyclability, etc., which expand their application scope in the field of liquid food packaging. Taking the beverage industry as an example, according to incomplete statistics, the current global annual consumption of plastic containers for beverage bottles is more than 10 million tons, and its production and sales are increasing at an annual rate of 10% to 19%. As an important packaging machinery equipment for liquid food packaging, filling machinery has become more popular in the food industry with the application of plastic bottles. In the dairy industry, acidic milk beverages have maintained a rapid growth of more than 30% in the Chinese dairy market for three consecutive years, becoming the category with the greatest development potential in the dairy industry. Plastic bottle packaging is a rapidly growing type of packaging among the containers used for acidic milk beverages, and its development speed has even exceeded the growth rate of the product. The core consumer group of small-package HDPE plastic bottle acid milk beverages below 220ml is children. After more than ten years of development, the market foundation of small-package HDPE plastic bottle acid milk beverages is solid and stable, and it is developing rapidly. HDPE plastic bottles have become the absolute dominant packaging form for children's acidic milk beverages, with a market share of 94%. Large-package acidic milk beverages larger than 350ml are a new category that has appeared on the market in the past two years. Its market share has increased rapidly. The target customer group is young women aged 18-25. After several years of development, the range of consumers of large-package acid milk beverages has continued to expand, and PET plastic bottles have also become the dominant packaging form for large-package milk beverages. Liquid food filling machinery will also become the leading packaging equipment. Tea beverages, fruit juice beverages, and functional beverages have become stable and mature products in the beverage market after years of painstaking efforts. Now the high-speed, medium-temperature and hot filling technology provides high-quality solutions for many beverage companies, which not only satisfies the products The increased growth rate and safety have reduced the packaging material costs and operating costs of beverage companies. With the maturity of high-speed, medium-temperature and hot filling machine technology, it will provide more domestic large and medium-sized beverage manufacturers with advanced, stable and reliable beverage filling machine equipment, which will bring more direct cost benefits. Filling machines are very much anticipated in the liquid food industry.
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