Liquor filling machine USES

by:NEWLINE     2020-09-01
Filling machine USES high accuracy intelligent liquor with equipment, filling machine is a lot of brewery will make a brief introduction of liquor filling and mechanical characteristics and USES of 1. The machine can be applied to various bottles of liquid filling the quantitative ( Includes a variety of different bottle) , characterized with the specifications of the height error within 20 ml bottle, without the car, can simultaneously filling. Liquid medicine and other liquid filling. 2. This machine is small in size, light weight, compact structure, long service life, simple maintenance, easy operation, workers can operating environment. The price is low. 3. Quantitative control principle with constant speed, uniform, constant pressure principle, easy adjustment. Can be adjusted precisely quantitative precision, easy to grasp, reliable, accurate quantitative. 4. The machine parts in contact with the liquid could adopt high quality stainless steel material, to ensure that the liquid is not contaminated, meet the requirements of food machinery 'beautiful health'. 5. Bottle size adjustment range is big, easy to adjust, the bottle height 60-300 - mm. Main technical data production capacity of 2000-3000 bottles/h measurement error of plus or minus 1% of filling liquid ph PH5-10 bottles height 60-280 - mm diameter bottle filling amount of 250-600 ml> 12 mm motor power is zero. 75 kw / 380 v back: the three wine filling machine filling method on the next page: beverage filling machinery common problems
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