Maintenance and precautions of filling machinery

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-16
Maintenance and precautions of filling machinery 2017-06-26 14:53 Maintenance and precautions of filling machinery 1. Check the moisture filter and oil mist device of the pneumatic combination two-piece before work every day, if excessive water accumulates Remove in time, if the oil level is not enough, add it in time; 2. During production, always inspect the mechanical parts to see if the operation and lifting are normal, whether it is abnormal, and whether the screws are loose; 3. Always check the equipment ground wire, and the contact surface must be reliable; Frequently clean the weighing platform; check whether the pneumatic pipeline is leaking, and whether the trachea is broken. 4. Replace the lubricating oil (grease) of the reducer motor every year, check the tightness of the chain, and adjust the tension in time. 5. If it is not used for a long time, empty the material in the pipeline. 6. Do a good job of cleaning and sanitation, keep the appearance of the machine clean, often remove the accumulated material on the scale body, and pay attention to keeping the electric control cabinet clean. 7. The sensor is a high-precision, high-sealing, high-sensitivity component. It is strictly forbidden to hit and overload. It is forbidden to touch during operation, and it is forbidden to disassemble it for non-overhaul. Special attention: 1. When the filling machinery is maintained and checked, the circuit breaker should be turned off or the power plug should be unplugged to avoid electric shock, burns and injuries during the check, and to prevent accidents. 2. During the maintenance and inspection of the filling machinery, the pressure of the compressed air should be zero. It is necessary to confirm that the pressure has dropped to zero before disassembling the components on the compressed air side.
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