Maintenance items for can beverage production line

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-28
Maintenance items for the canned beverage production line 2018-03-16 14:06 The canned beverage production line is a fully automatic multifunctional combined unit integrating filling and capping. It is suitable for automatic cleaning and filling of various airless beverages, fruit juices, oil vinegar, wines, fruit wines, mineral water, and purified water. This series of beverage production line has unique design, novel style, complete functions, strong adaptability, convenient operation and high degree of automation. It is an ideal filling equipment for domestic beverage manufacturers. The canned beverage production line can realize automatic filling and packaging of products, and at the same time enrich the packaging market, allowing people to enjoy more and better packaging products. Production lines occupy an increasingly important position in various industries. Compared with the previous manual operation machinery and equipment, the overall level of the can packaging production line has been significantly improved. It can more easily and quickly achieve the packaging needs of different customers. Before the operation of the canned beverage production line, the sealing performance of each sealing surface of the equipment should be checked according to the precautions in the manual. Operation sequence: 1. Put the filled liquid bottle upside down on the working blue, and check that the lower mouth of the liquid bottle should be aligned; 2. Put the working blue in the vacuum tank, fast open the lid and lock it; 3. Close Empty the valve and the liquid inlet valve, turn on the vacuum pump, adjust the vacuum regulator valve to make the vacuum degree (depending on the filling volume) meet the technological requirements, step on the foot plate to insert the liquid into the lower mouth of the filled liquid bottle; 4. Slowly open the liquid inlet At this time, the liquid level in the tank rises, and the vent valve is opened to lower the liquid level, and the liquid is pressed into the liquid bottle from the tank. Adjust the two valves reasonably to keep the liquid level between the liquid level specified by the sight glass; 5. When the pointer of the vacuum gauge of the beverage production line is in the 0 state, it proves that the filling has been completed, return the foot plate, and open the quick opening lid Take out the filled liquid bottle. If the vacuum pump is not used for a long time, the used oil in the pump should be drained, flushed with new oil, and replaced to prevent the water in the oil from corroding the pump body.
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