Maintenance of fruit juice beverage production line

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-26
Maintenance of the fruit juice beverage production line Equipment, mainly used for large-capacity filling of non-sparkling beverages such as fruit juice, orange juice, apple juice, pear juice, tea beverages, purified water, mineral water, etc. The fruit juice beverage production line has the characteristics of advanced structure, stable work, reliable, convenient operation and high production efficiency. The method of using and maintaining the beverage filling production line: 1. Since the fruit juice beverage production line is an automated equipment, the dimensions of the easy-pull bottle, bottle gasket, and bottle cap are required to be unified; 2. The shake handle must be used before use. Check whether the rotation is abnormal, and use it after the judgment is correct; 3. It is strictly forbidden to use excessive tools or excessive force to disassemble parts to avoid damage to the machine parts or affect the performance of the beverage production line; 4. Every time the equipment is adjusted, be sure to Tighten the loose screws, and use the shake handle to turn the beverage production line to check whether the action meets the requirements before use; 5. The filling machine part of the production line must be kept clean, and the liquid medicine or glass debris should be removed in time during the production process , So as not to cause damage to the equipment; 6. Clean all parts of the equipment surface before handover, and add clean lubricating oil to each activity department; 7. The juice beverage production line should be scrubbed once a week, especially when it is not easy in normal use Wipe clean areas or blow them with compressed air.
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