Maintenance of the bottled water production line withdrawing the cover and brushing the bucket machine

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-24
Maintenance of the bottled water production line pull cover and brush bucket machine 2018-06-22 17:03 In order to meet the needs of the majority of mineral water plants and purified water manufacturers, the cumbersome empty bucket treatment process has become simple and automated. Suzhou Niulan Beverage Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has introduced and absorbed the advanced technology of brushing and pulling the lid at home and abroad, combining the actual situation of existing manufacturers and the management requirements of the drinking water industry, and developed the BS-1 series of brushing and pulling the lid machine. . The barreled water production line has reliable performance, simple operation and convenient maintenance: 1. Frequently check the cleanliness of the cap puller and whether the connecting screw between the cap puller and the cylinder is loose; 2. If you find that some barrels cannot be pulled off during use, It may be that the bottleneck size of this barrel is abnormal; if it is found that it is difficult to separate batches of barrels and lids, check whether the connection between the lid puller and the cylinder is loose or shifted. At the same time, pay attention to whether the air source pressure is lower than 5Mpa; barreled water production line 3. During use, do not reach into the cap puller head to avoid straining during work; 4. When repairing the bucket cap puller, please turn off the air source to avoid damage to the equipment or personal injury; 5. It is strictly forbidden in the absence of water. Use the water pump, and it is strictly forbidden to reverse the brush; 6. Keep the water tank clean, and no dirt can enter the water tank; 7. Check whether the sealing performance of the outer brush shaft is good; 8. The electrical components of the barrel brushing machine are maintained monthly Check once to ensure that it is always in good condition in use.
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