my country's packaging industry is now 'a hundred flowers bloom' situation

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-30
my country's packaging industry is now 'a hundred flowers blooming' situation 2017-01-24 15:00 With technological progress and market development, my country's mechanical packaging industry has become more and more skilled in industry technology, its technical strength is getting stronger and stronger, industry standards are gradually established, and the entire packaging industry The market has also begun to mature, and many equipment including packaging machinery have begun to usher in the season of real blooming flowers. Nowadays, beverage packaging machinery has become one of the top ten industries in my country's machinery industry. The scale of packaging machinery and equipment is continuously expanding, and it is accelerating toward optical, mechanical and electrical integration and automation. Great progress has been made in filling equipment, packaging equipment, and packaging material production equipment. The gradual maturity of technological development has promoted the packaging industry to continue to provide more development space for the market. Now that the technology and the market have matured, packaging machinery has begun to bloom everywhere, especially in metal packaging and liquid packaging. The rapid development of the metal packaging industry is an important part of my country’s packaging industry. Metal packaging has been widely used in the food, beverage, daily chemical and household goods industries due to its good airtightness and bright patterns, especially in the food and beverage industry. It has become the largest market for metal packaging, while the chemicals, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries have become an important market for metal packaging. With the improvement of consumers' living standards, the demand for food and beverage packaging will increase rapidly. In particular, the rapid increase in functional beverages and food cans provides more opportunities for metal packaging cans. At present, the world recognizes that metal packaging containers are the safest and most environmentally friendly products, with huge potential for future development. It is reported that my country's metal packaging industry has now formed a complete metal packaging industrial system including printing and coating iron, can making, lid making, barrel making and other products. In recent years, my country's metal packaging industry has entered a period of rapid development. In the past ten years, the annual growth rate of my country's beverage industry has remained above 20%. In 2011, my country's total beverage output was 118 million tons. The total amount of canned food in my country is 9.72 million tons, with sales of 120.2 billion yuan, which includes metal packaging, soft and hard packaging and other packaging products. With the improvement of national consumption power and the continuous upgrading of consumption habits, the fast-growing high-end beverage products use a large number of metal packaging materials. According to expert predictions, my country's metal packaging industry has huge room for development in the next three to five years, and it is a foregone conclusion that the output value will exceed 100 billion yuan. The continuous growth of demand for food and fast-moving consumer goods, and the gradual improvement of metal packaging machinery and equipment, management level and production capacity, all determine that my country's metal packaging industry will do a lot. In addition, my country has developed into the second largest metal packaging manufacturing country in the world, and a large number of large metal packaging industry groups continue to emerge. These enterprises and the canned food industry have a win-win cooperation and a benign development pattern is taking shape. After decades of development, the metal packaging industry that has developed around canned food has achieved significant technological innovations in key aspects of the metal packaging industry, including equipment manufacturing, raw material screening, safety index control, migration control of toxic and hazardous substances, effective detection of heavy metals, and product shelf life extension The above gradually showed the uniqueness of metal packaging, and it also played a more and more extensive role in ensuring food safety. Liquid packaging machinery has a bright future. Statistics show that the annual sales growth rate of my country's liquid food and beverage packaging machinery has exceeded 20% in recent years. Among them, the production of liquid food in 2011 was 250.9 billion liters, and the sales of liquid packaging machinery reached 29 billion yuan. The liquid food packaging machinery industry has become a very important emerging industry in the national economy. In recent years, PET and HDPE plastic bottles have been increasingly applied to the field of liquid food packaging. Plastic bottles have the characteristics of large capacity, sturdiness, lightness, portability, refrigeration, recyclability, etc., which expand their application scope in the field of liquid food packaging. Taking the beverage industry as an example, according to incomplete statistics, the current global annual consumption of plastic containers for beverage bottles is more than 10 million tons, and its production and sales are growing at an annual rate of 10% to 19%. As an important packaging machinery and equipment for liquid food packaging, filling machines are also widely used in the food industry with the application of plastic bottles. In the dairy industry, acidic milk beverages have maintained a rapid growth of more than 30% in the Chinese dairy market for three consecutive years, becoming the category with the greatest development potential in the dairy industry. Plastic bottle packaging is an extremely fast-growing packaging type among the containers used in acidic milk beverages, and its development speed has even exceeded the growth rate of the product. Tea beverages, fruit juice beverages and functional beverages have become stable and mature products in the beverage market after years of painstaking efforts. Now the 'high-speed, medium-temperature and hot filling' technology provides high-quality solutions for many beverage companies, which can satisfy This improves the product growth rate and safety, and reduces the packaging material costs and operating costs of beverage companies. As the technology of the high-speed, medium-temperature hot filling machine matures, it will provide more domestic large and medium-sized beverage manufacturers with advanced, stable and reliable beverage filling machine equipment. In short, the rapid development of downstream industries and people's pursuit of quality of life require companies to invest in corresponding packaging equipment to meet production needs. At the same time, they will also put forward higher requirements for the high-precision, intelligent, and high-speed level of packaging machinery. Food packaging machinery therefore presents a broader market prospect.
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