Palletizing robot and bottle-clamping bottle washing machine

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-10
Palletizing robot and bottle-clamping bottle washing machine2017-09-18 13:26 Niulan Machinery provides you with a beverage production line. The following is an introduction to palletizing robots and bottle-clamping machines. Palletizing robots are a professional Industrial equipment that is oriented, integrated, and intelligent. The robot puts the packaging bags or boxes in the pallet or box one by one according to a predetermined grouping method. It is usually used as the follow-up equipment of the packaging line to improve production capacity and transshipment capacity and save labor costs. This machine has been widely used in food and beverage, medicine, tobacco, automobile, chemical, logistics, home appliances, plastic and other industries. Loads of various shapes and sizes can be configured freely, and various handling operations from small to large workpieces can be flexibly handled through a wide variety of grippers (optional). It not only has a large working range, but also saves space by suppressing the amount of interference, and realizes a compact and flexible equipment design. Clip-on bottle washing machine Clip-on high-pressure bottle washing machine is mainly used for washing various glass bottles and iron cans with automatic temperature control; this machine adopts multi-stage processing such as circulating hot water washing, warm water preheating, and clean water washing. It has the advantages of water saving and heat saving; imported high-temperature resistant silica gel, 304 stainless steel chain, flat surface, wear-resistant, prevent scratches to the packaging container, and meet food hygiene requirements; tube spray, simple structure, installation Convenient and easy to clean; this machine realizes automatic clamping of bottles into and out of bottles, achieving complete automation of the production line. The whole body adopts SUS304 stainless steel body, which is beautiful and hygienic, with visible hood, well-made, stable operation, and convenient to use .
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