Precautions for automatic filling production line

by:NEWLINE     2021-06-07
Precautions for the automatic filling production line2018-09-11 16:44 The main drive of the automatic filling production line adopts gear transmission and instant-open combination transmission, which has high efficiency, low noise, long life, convenient maintenance, sufficient lubrication, and frequency conversion The machine controls the speed of the main motor of the machine, and the automatic filling machine adopts stepless frequency conversion speed regulation. The bottle guide system has a simple structure and can be quickly and conveniently changed according to the bottle type. The automatic filling production line adopts a bottleneck structure for transportation. When the front cover enters the slideway, you can enter the cover feeding tray smoothly. In order to prevent accidents, an anti-reverse cover dial is also configured on the slideway to ensure that the cover that enters the feeding cover tray is correct. A pair of slides are also provided The photoelectric switch, when detecting that there is no cover, it immediately stops the host. Check whether the various parts of the automatic filling machine are abnormal or loose, the lubrication status of gears and conveyor belts, and whether the working power supply has leaks, etc. This can extend the service life of the filling machine. First of all, cut off the power supply and stop the operation, so as not to cause more serious damage to the filling machine. It cannot be cleaned with water, but must be cleaned with a special cleaning agent. This is because during the filling process, the filling machine encounters acid and alkali corrosion, and the filling port is prone to rust. The cleaning agent can effectively remove the rust. The cleaning agent is evenly applied to the surface of the filling machine, and then a damp cloth is used to slow it down. Wipe slowly to clean the body of the filling machine in the automatic beverage filling production line. Then use a sponge to soak up the liquid on the surface of the filling machine. A filling pipe is installed in the center of the main frame of the main machine, and the filling pipe is connected with a quantitative feeding device. The frame of the film supply mechanism is hung on the frame of the main machine. A film feeding motor is installed on the frame of the mechanism, and a swing rod type film storage mechanism is installed on the upper part of the frame of the film feeding mechanism.
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