Precautions for the use of liquid filling machines and common sense in maintenance

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-21
Precautions for the use of liquid filling machines and common sense in maintenance In part, each liquid filling machine has a different purpose, which is a very important role for all walks of life. Since we, as a filling machine manufacturer, are very professional in research and development, we will be responsible for their customers. Not only provide high-performance filling machinery and equipment, but also provide very high-quality products and services. Today we will introduce the liquid filling machine in detail. Knowing things and the process of maintaining common sense: 1. Matters needing attention 1. Liquid filling machine 220V voltage, and ensure a good grounding. 2. Do not use excessive force when clicking the touch screen, which may damage the touch screen. 3. Tap the touch screen, dry your fingers, don't touch them with wet fingers. 4. Head down welding, do not touch the tablet with your hands, otherwise it will cause high-frequency burns and electric shocks. 5. For mold installation and debugging, the high cycle switch should be closed. 6. In the debugging operation of the liquid filling machine, only a single operation can be restricted, otherwise it is very dangerous. 7. When the machine is not operating normally, please quickly dial the 'emergency stop switch' to confirm the safety of the man-machine. 8. Don't put his hand into the knife part, it is very dangerous. 2. Maintenance common sense 1. Every two to three months, slide the bearings, guide rods, ball screws, cutters, servo screws, and blades into the lubricating oil to keep the machine stable. 2. It has not been used for a long time, and the heat is once in a while. 3. Clean up the dust and debris from the countertops, dishes and machines, and high barrels, and clean them with an air gun. 4. Frequently clean the servo roller, and make the surface treatment clean. The use, maintenance, and maintenance of the filling machine are very concerned about customers. We hope that the above introduction will bring you more convenience.
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