Process flow and market application scope of bottled water production line

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-24
Bottled water production line process and market application scope 2017-02-04 09:35 1. Pure water filling mechanical process raw water → raw water tank → raw water pump → adding flocculant device → dual media filter → activated carbon filter → plate type Heat exchanger → adding scale inhibitor device → 5μm security filter → primary high pressure pump → primary reverse osmosis membrane group → alkali adding device → secondary high pressure pump → secondary reverse osmosis membrane group → intermediate water tank → intermediate water pump → ultraviolet Germicidal lamp → TOC UV lamp → Deoxidizing membrane group → EDI device → Primary polishing mixed bed → Ultrapure water tank → Ultrapure water pump → Plate heat exchanger → Secondary TOC UV lamp → Secondary deoxidizing membrane group → Pressurization Pump → secondary polishing mixed bed → terminal filter → point of use of ultrapure water. 2. Features of small pure water filling machinery 1. Five-stage filtration can effectively filter out suspended solids, sediment, bloodworms, rust and other solid substances, organic matter, and solubility in water. 2. Inorganic salts, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances. 3. Brand new design, plug-in filter element, easy to install, clean and replace. 4. Microcomputer digital controller, avant-garde technology. 5. The post-processing filter element adopts a composite filter element with anti-secondary pollution. 6. Shell with top cover, waterproof and dustproof, safer and more reliable to use. 3. Reverse Osmosis Membrane Removal and Replacement Steps (1) Remove the water inlet, concentrated water and product water pipes on the pressure vessel, and remove the connecting fittings; (2) Remove the end caps at both ends of the pressure vessel; (3) From the water inlet end Push the membrane element towards the concentrated water end until the membrane element is exposed at the concentrated water end; (4) Pull out the membrane element slowly and remove the connecting parts with the next membrane element; (5) Repeat steps (3) and (4) If necessary, you can use a PVC pipe to push the end face of the membrane element from the water inlet end; (6) Put the removed membrane element in a clean plastic bag, and infuse an appropriate amount of sub with a concentration of 0.05 to 0.1% Sodium solution, sealed and stored. According to the size of the water production, the water utilization rate and the different composition of the incoming and outgoing water quality can be designed as a high-pressure housing and a membrane element group, or it can be designed to be composed of a high-pressure housing and multiple membrane elements. 4. Scope of application: Preparation of space water, purified water, distilled water, etc.; wine manufacturing and degrading water; living quarters, villages, office buildings, factories and mining enterprises, quality water supply projects; preliminary preparation of water for pharmaceuticals, electronics and other industries; chemical processes Concentration, separation, purification and water distribution preparation; central air-conditioning water-cooled air-conditioning circulating cooling water; boiler feed water demineralization and softening; sea water, brackish water desalination; papermaking, electroplating, printing and dyeing industries water and wastewater treatment.
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