Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment technology

by:NEWLINE     2020-07-28
Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment are usually made of raw water pretreatment system, reverse osmosis, purification system, the ultra purification post-processing system of three parts. Using the high pressure pump pressure, interception of reverse osmosis membrane, which can effectively remove the water dissolved solids content, organic matter, colloid, microorganisms and bacteria and other impurities. Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment technology features: 1, USES the advanced reverse osmosis and ion exchange and ultrafiltration technology and PLC automatic control technology, such as online monitoring instrument and other advanced technology. 2, suitable for wide range of raw water quality, to be separated or enrichment medium characteristics, choose different membrane materials, pressure, and reverse osmosis membrane desalination rate of imports. 3, reverse osmosis water treatment equipment according to different raw water, water quality using, in addition to iron and manganese in addition to organic matter, residual chlorine, softening or dosing equipment as the pretreatment system, effectively remove the water and sediment, rust, organic matter, residual chlorine and other impurities, to ensure the safe and effective operation of membrane host. 4, uv and ozone disinfection function to purify water quality from it completely. 5, advanced water quality monitoring instrument, accurately and on time to test the water quality. 6, program control, water stability, simple operation, import membrane module, ensure that water quality. Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment in power plant boiler make-up water treatment, electronics, semiconductor industry ultrapure water treatment, chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry of water treatment, food, beverage, water treatment, drinking water, seawater, brackish water desalination, metallurgy, light industry, electroplating and wastewater treatment of leather and other industries has been widely applied in the industry.
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