Scope of application of the aluminum foil sealing machine equipment

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-07
2019 - the applicable scope of the aluminum foil sealing machine equipment 05 - 22 10:04:49 aluminum foil sealing filler scope of application: applicable to the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, daily chemical products and other professional, aluminous model multiple tube can demand different filling liquid products. Can be all kinds of paste, paste, such as viscosity fluid material skills: 3. 1 sealing machine should fit the requirements of this specification, and with the approval of the rules and procedures in accordance with the drawings and technical documents of production. 3. 2 sealing machine work should be smooth, movement parts should be sensitive, harmonious and accurate, no jam and abnormal noise. 3. Three circuits of the sealing machine control system should be secure, accurate action, the electrical connector should join and number, strong action button should be sensitive, and have a stop button, indicator light should be normal, should agree with GB 5226. 1. 3. 4 sealing machine pneumatic connection should be sealed, no oil leakage and leakage phenomenon. Hose diameter with & other; d” Show that 10 mm pictures for precision mm & le; d< 20 ± 0. 8 20≤ d< 40 ± 1. 5 40≤ d≤ 60 ± 2. 03. 3 5 sealing quality requirements. 5. The end of the hose closure 1 after sealing, place should be no scratches, no good and bad are intermingled, no leakage, no burning and wear, date printing clear. 3. 5. 2 hose through the sealing experiment, sealing should be intact. 3. 6 filling accuracy rate should not be less than 98%. 3. 7 package qualified rate should not be less than 98%. 3. Eight of the sealing machine should be no greater than 75 db noise ( A) 。 3. Nine power wires and maintenance of the grounding circuit between 500 vd. c。 When measured insulation resistance should not be less than 1 m & Omega; 。 3. 10 sealing machine should be reliable grounding device, and a significant ground symbol, grounding resistance should be agree with GB 5226. 1, 19. 2 requirements. 3. 11 all electrical equipment wires and maintenance of the grounding circuit should be endured at least 1 s between moments of compression experiments.
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