Selection of filling methods for fruit juice beverage production

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-26
Selection of filling methods for juice beverage production2018-03-24 13:31 Nowadays, the taste of juice beverages is also becoming a diversified development trend, making the development of juice beverages full of ups and downs, which also puts forward a great test for the juice beverage production line. The diversified development of fruit juice beverages is also reflected in the filling and concentration differences. The filling methods of PET bottled and cartoned fruit juice beverages in the beverage and beverage production lines on the market are mainly divided into two types: aseptic cold filling and hot filling. Many consumers don’t know much about these two development methods, so let’s compare them below: 1. The cold filling of beverage production line is to cool the product to room temperature after ultra-high temperature sterilization, in an artificially manufactured aseptic environment , It is filled into a bottle or carton sterilized by hydrogen peroxide, and the cap of the bottle is also sterilized and tightened by hydrogen peroxide. Cold filling has little effect on the taste and nutritional quality of the product, and the use of PET materials is also less, but the equipment investment is about twice as much as that of the hot filling; 2. The hot filling of the beverage production line is to sterilize the product at a high temperature by 90%. Fill the bottle into the bottle at a temperature of about 10 degrees Celsius. After the cap is screwed, the bottle and cap are finally sterilized with the temperature of the material itself. In this way, the product maintains a high temperature state for a long time, which causes more damage to its taste and nutrition. Less investment in hot-filling equipment.
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