Several types of common filling machine

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-27
Zhangjiagang common filling machine several types - 2019 05 - 11 09:25:56 one, automatic piston type filling machine piston automatic filling machine on the basis of the original filling machine series products improved design, and added some additional functionality. Make the product in the use of operation, accuracy, machine adjustment, equipment cleaning and maintenance more easy and convenient. Widely used in Japan, such as the oil industry, can be on different high viscosity fluid filling. Machine is compact and reasonable design, beautiful appearance is concise, the filling quantity convenient adjustment. Second, semi-automatic filling machine, semi-automatic filling machine adopts single head plunger quantitative filling device, the machine is done by setting piston movement distance material ration, at the same time in measuring range according to different filling quantity do any adjustment. With the features of easy operation, quantitative discharging. And with accurate measurement, characteristics such as simple structure, adopt stainless steel material, conform to the requirements of the health food, medicine production. Wide range of USES, suitable for daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food, chemical industries such as paste, quantitative filling, used for sealing tube filling the quantitative. Three, oil filling oil filling machine adopts quantitative cup structure, through the cylinder, cylinder piston movement repeatedly, quantitative filling the oil into the bottle, quantitatively with high accuracy and filling speed; Used lubricating oil, edible oil, bottled wine, chemical products, spices, etc all kinds of grease, oil, oil products, filling and packaging packaging of measurement.
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