Shandong liquor filler manufacturer to introduce robot bearing for you

by:NEWLINE     2020-07-24
Shandong liquor filler manufacturer to introduce you to the robots bearing shandong qingzhou filling machinery with the professional liquor in shandong qingyun filler vendor qualification, if you have a need to know about shandong liquor filler manufacturer which is good, we can provide you with the best filler shandong liquor manufacturer telephone and other contact information. Here, we introduce robot bearing for you. The main structure: integral type, inside and outside the separation type separation type. To the pollution of the leak, installed on both sides of the bearing seal. Cross roller bearings with its unique lightweight structure and good performance, simplify the design, save a space, the robot's joint and rotating parts, precision turntable and aerospace and other fields is widely used. For industrial robot cross roller bearing series, developed a cross roller bearing products technical standards, technical standards, in line with international standards to leading technology. Crossed roller bearings are double row cylindrical roller in a 90 - degree of V groove cross each other by nylon isolation piece of vertical alignment, so cross roller bearings can bear radial load, in more than one direction of axial load and torque load, etc. Inside and outside the ring size is small, thin form is close to the limit of the small size, and has high rigidity, BYC bo eagle cross roller bearing level P2 accuracy can be achieved. Therefore suitable for industrial robot joint rotation part of rotary worktable processing center, precision rotary worktable, medical equipment, calculators, IC manufacturing equipment and other equipment. Previous page: shandong soy sauce vinegar filler manufacturer to introduce product knowledge on the next page for you: common problem of beverage filling machinery
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