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by:NEWLINE     2020-07-11
Mineral water streaming in from the depths of the natural or artificial revealed, not polluted underground water; Containing a certain amount of mineral salts and trace elements or carbon dioxide gas; Under normal circumstances, its chemical composition, flow rate, water temperature and other dynamic within the natural range of relatively stable. Mineral water is formed in the formation of deep cycle, contains minerals and qualified index of national standard. Mineral water is water containing dissolved minerals or more gas, the nine boundaries specified in the national standard indicators including lithium, strontium, zinc, selenium, bromide, iodide, metasilicate, free carbon dioxide, and total soluble solids, mineral water must have one or more than one reached the requirements of boundary indicators, the required content respectively ( Unit: mg/L) : lithium, strontium, zinc, iodide are 0 or higher. 2, selenium acuity 0. 01, bromide 1 or more. 0, metasilicate 25 or more, free carbon dioxide and a total soluble solids, 1000 or 250 or higher. Most of the mineral water on the market belongs to strontium ( Sr) And metasilicic acid, there are also other minerals composition of mineral water. As China's economic and social development, people living standard rise, people consumer brand awareness is more and more strong. Attaches great importance to the brand, reflects the consumer lifestyle change. Level constantly improve the production equipment and technology, the mineral water products become increasingly homogeneous, product physical properties were similar, but has a deep connotation of the brand can give consumers with spiritual. Homogeneous same price of mineral water, consumers prefer the brand products. When the commodity economy development to a certain stage, the enterprise competition is no longer stay on the depreciate sales promotion, but competition brand level. Set up the famous brand, to gain the initiative in the market. The future mineral water enterprise competition, no brand or weak brand enterprises will become strong brands tiepai processing plants, bereft of her the foundations of the terminal markets and competition.
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