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by:NEWLINE     2020-07-10
Under natural conditions, can be found on the earth more than 90 kinds of elements, for now, most scientists believe that the essential elements of a total of 28 species and in 28 kinds of life elements, by the discretion of the body content can be divided into macro elements ( Or constant element) And trace elements. Trace elements, as the name implies, it is this element in the human body is rare. Such as iron, silicon, zinc, steel, nickel, tin, manganese, etc. These trace elements of human body total mass of 0. About 03%. Although the content of them in the body is very small, but in the role is critical in the process of life activity. Mineral water is divided into natural mineral water and natural, natural mineral water poured out of the depths of the natural or the drilling, contains a certain amount of minerals, trace elements, or other ingredients, unpolluted in some area and take preventive measures to prevent the pollution of water
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