Sleeve labeling machine heat shrinking furnace and film wrapping machine heat shrinking machine

by:NEWLINE     2021-06-01
Sleeve labeling machine heat shrinking furnace and film wrapping machine heat shrinking machine2018-08-17 08:42 Niulan Machinery provides you with filling machinery. The following is an introduction to the sleeve labeling machine heat shrinking furnace. The new steam shrinking furnace is aimed at different and different Regular round bottle, square bottle, flat bottle and other bottle shapes, easy to adjust and maintain, shrink and flat, the steam ejection method, low pressure sub-drum distribution is even, and the seamless steel pipe design is adopted. The ejection outlet is divided into three sections and adjustable. The height, front and back, and air output can be adjusted separately to achieve a perfect contraction effect. The whole machine shell is made of stainless steel and insulated, which not only saves energy, but also complies with international safety standards. The stainless steel drain pan at the bottom concentrates condensate. The whole machine adopts waterproof design, which is convenient for operation and maintenance. Film wrapping machine heat shrinking machine is suitable for mass automatic shrink packaging items such as cans, glass bottles, beer, mineral water, etc. It can also be used in various industries such as wood, steel, ceramics, household appliances, and computers. It is specially designed for large and heavy objects with PE film shrink packaging design. The conveyor belt can be designed as roller type, Teflon mesh or stainless steel conveyor mesh according to customer requirements. Large shrink packaging materials can also be fully shrinked in a short time. After packaging, the appearance is neat, compact and not scattered, convenient for palletizing, ensuring product quality and long-distance transportation needs, suitable for various shrink packaging such as PE, PVC, POF, etc. material.
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