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by:NEWLINE     2020-08-19
Aluminum foil system 5 steps 2019 - machine operating procedures 04 - 25 09:07:07 boot: 1, the aluminum foil cover machine, before starting the first check each movement of the machine system with or without screw loose are in good condition, and then close the power supply; 2、“ ON” Button to start the host motor, & other; OFF” Close the host motor. Cut & other filling knob, when the knob OFF” ; Position switch off the photoelectric switch ( Induction signal) Power, raw materials can't pack, when the knob cut & other; ON” Position, the raw material to pack; 3, the compressed air in a 4 kg, not less than 2. 5 kg, the power cut off, the machine can't start, dust collection instruction set in 2. 5 kg, blowing instructions set in 1. 5公斤; 4, to use when emergency stop scram button, when pressed, the machine stop all operation, troubleshooting, must restart filling and sealing machine, put the button: clockwise direction, make it up to play, and then restart the host motor button; 5, the machine is strictly prohibited to put the instrument or sundry, machine, touch, speed adjustments must be in the running speed, stop speed regulation is prohibited.
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