System of aluminum foil cover machine must pay attention to what issues?

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-19
System of aluminum foil cover machine must pay attention to what issues? 2019 - 04 - 13 09:26:37 now as people all kinds of beverage, daily chemical products increased demand, the development of system of aluminum foil cover machine also play a role in promoting, aluminum foil system machine is widely used in the process of enterprise production, aluminum foil system machine that should be paid attention to when using the details related to enterprise product quality, production efficiency, so to make aluminum foil cover machine installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance work is very important. System of aluminum foil cover machine role in our life is becoming more and more big, therefore, a lot of enterprises need to purchase aluminum foil cover machine equipment to help achieving the production. After we purchase system of aluminum foil cover machine, most want is to use, the use of the machine for aluminum foil system, we must pay attention to what issues? In aluminum foil cover machine before eating, to install and debug, read the instructions carefully before debugging, ready to use the tool. Will build machine installation, aluminum foil system will into orbit, bottle filling dish level, inside the liquid storage barrel filled with material, all electrical appliances switch in the closed position. Insert must be filling the container equipment box, connected to external power supply, power socket must be the tripod socket, and a reliable grounding wire, prevent one thousand casing leakage electric shock, machine power switch to ON, the power indicator. Frame support plate will use filling to resist, fingers upward moving filling my head positioning, flexible positioning sleeve should be able to move up and down, the filling needle or withdraw into unimpeded. Dial the liquid storage barrel at the bottom of the switch to the open position, can make the material into the total within the metering pump, according to each container filling amount, adjust the screw on the crank, the filling speed plate knob screw from around 20 degrees, then filling speed control switch to the open position on the board. To set quantitative for each filling head fluid, the fluid volume adjustment nut tighten, hood filling head shell, loosen the filling rack support plate. In aluminum foil cover machine also notice it after use and maintenance, the maintenance when unpick and wash piston and to loosen the screw holding on at the same time, in order to avoid the hurt when the first impact to another process requirement. Before piston system of aluminum foil cover machine cleaning, should be cleared within the remaining product, and then filled with soft cleaning fluid in the tank. Cylinder in factory has good lubrication, please do not open or any lubricating oil, to ensure clean, aluminum foil system cover the surface of the machine does not work when the power is processing. In addition, on the maintenance and the correct use of the aluminum foil cover machine at the same time, also for testing and debugging on a regular basis. Only in this way can the healthy and stable system of aluminum foil cover machine work.
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