The aluminum foil sealing machine lubrication part have?

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-11
The aluminum foil sealing machine lubrication part have? 2019 - 04 - 08 09:27:27 general lubrication part of the aluminum foil sealing machine is divided into the following seven: 1, center tower 2, aluminum foil sealing machine transmission shaft transmission bearing system generally consists of intermediate shaft and bearing, the shaft with sliding fork of bearing, and the rotation driven by the aluminum foil sealing machine. 3, cover machine bearing cover bearing the capping machine sealing parts, all made of 304 stainless steel casting. Bearing is a bearing parts, it can guide the axis of rotation, also can take over the shaft turning parts, aluminum foil sealing machine cap machine bearing can be divided into rolling bearing and sliding bearing, bearing refers to the rolling bearing in general. 4, high pressure pump high pressure pump is refers to the aluminum foil sealing filler of the suction and blowing vortex air pump, high pressure pump special blade design, with high pressure, big air volume, low noise, high temperature resistant characteristics. The generation of high pressure and high suction is unique impeller design. Aluminum foil sealing filler high-pressure pump impeller with multiple edges, when the impeller rotates, due to centrifugal effect, the air in the two blades is rapidly to the outer edge direction, mass transfer, energy of wind pressure was quickly overlay, formed high pressure or high strength increases its speed. When air is air duct to import the impeller, aluminum foil sealing machine will again be accelerated. 5, aluminum foil sealing machine TuoPing TuoPing cylinder cylinder is used to filling a container bottle, compaction and filling parts. This is a separate control parts, if necessary, can be replaced in a relatively short period of time. Aluminum foil sealing TuoPing cylinder filling machine is pneumatic mechanical action. Liter bottle actions are implemented by compressed air, the CAM down TuoPing cylinder wheel fall in to implement the action. TuoPing by plate, guide rod, cylinder wear ring bottle, bracket, shaft, roller and emissions bolt, etc. TuoPing cylinder can also be an internal external lubrication. 6, pumps, automatic aluminum foil sealing machine automatic oil pump is under the compression state, through the control of inert nitrogen response, transmit itself contains the lubricating oil. The working principle of automatic oil pump is made of aluminum foil sealing machine after cycloidal pinwheel reducer drive motor, the CAM rotates, the CAM mechanism to the motor rotation into the reciprocating movement of the plunger, the reciprocating plunger oil suction and pressure oil to make the process of oil flowing from the pump discharge. Aluminum foil sealing filler of the pumps can be automatically adjust the working pressure of pump, with insurance protection. 7, motor reducer of the aluminum foil sealing machine motor reducer is controlled by a motor, in front of the output shaft and a retarding mechanism. Motor reducer in reducing at the same time can reduce the load of the aluminum foil sealing machine, speed reducer is generally used in low speed high torque transmission equipment, ordinary there is few on the same principle of gear reducer and slow down the desired effect, the size of the ratio of the number of teeth on the gears, transmission ratio.
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