The application scope of mechanical tell you different filling machine

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-25
Mechanical tell you that the application scope of different filler - 2019 05 - The filling rate quickly, the power of the 23 09:54:42 filling machine is very high. Completion of the filler can help the enterprise faster from policy, high speed finish produce. Filling filling machine can be according to the principle can be divided into normal pressure filling machine, pressure filling machine and vacuum filling machine. Under the normal pressure filling machine: refers to the atmospheric pressure by weight of the liquid filling. The filling machine is divided into punctual filling and constant volume filling two kinds, suitable for filling liquid of low viscosity without gas. Such as milk, wine, etc. Pressure filling machine: refers to the above atmospheric pressure filling, also can be divided into two kinds, one kind is the pressure inside the liquid cylinder and the pressure equal in the bottle, by gravity into the bottle of liquid filling, called isobaric filling; The other is a liquid cylinder pressure is higher than the pressure in the bottle, liquid by differential pressure into the bottle, high-speed production line to accept this method. Pressure filling machine is suitable for the liquid containing gas filling, such as beer, soft drinks, champagne, etc.
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