The beverage industry strives for innovation and continuous breakthroughs

by:NEWLINE     2021-04-22
Beverage industry strives for innovation and continuous breakthroughs 2017-01-24 13:30 During this period, the beverage industry has been constantly meeting, such as the sugar and wine party, the annual meeting of the China Beverage Industry Association, etc. While we reflect on the development of the beverage industry this year and what phenomena exist, we also think about the impact these will have on beverage machinery companies. It is understood that at the just-concluded rum party, health beverages appeared frequently and became one of the current beverage trends. The beverage area of u200bu200bthe sugar and wine club looks like a health care product area. At present, the domestic people's demand for health preservation is high, and there is a misconception of 'unsafe and unhealthy' in traditional beverages, which has caused many beverage companies to invest in their own interests and produce health beverages. Most of the manufacturers are emerging companies, and some manufacturers specialize in a certain health drink. It is understood that the 93rd National Sugar and Liquor Trade Fair has multiple exhibition areas such as traditional alcohol, wine, condiments and beverages. In the beverage exhibition area, in addition to traditional classic styles such as coconut juice and walnut dew, many manufacturers have launched drinks with various health-care ingredients, making the entire beverage exhibition area seem to be a health care product exhibition area. Among the health drinks in the beverage exhibition area, three types of health drinks, maca, hericium and 'blue goji' (blueberry and goji) are the most eye-catching. Maca is a plant native to the mountains of Peru in South America. After the Ministry of Health approved maca powder as a new resource in May 2011, various maca-related health foods have sprung up. Compared with maca, a foreign upstart, domestic veteran manufacturers prefer to promote Hericium erinaceus and 'blue gourd' health drinks. According to Zhi Guangchun, director of the Beverage and Food Department of a food company, this monkey mushroom trend in the beverage industry began last year. At that time, Jiangzhong Group took the lead in launching the Hericium erinaceus 'Blue Goose' drink in the industry, and achieved good sales results. Driven by Jiangzhong, domestic beverage companies, large and small, have also begun to follow suit. In fact, the various health drinks that are frequently produced are more of a conceptual marketing. In response to this phenomenon, a manufacturer that sells Hericium erinaceus and blue wolfberry eight-treasure porridge said with a smile: “We sell eight-treasure porridge, not the new ingredients. Although we can attract customers’ attention through these new health ingredients, But the most important thing is to make the taste of the new ingredients match the original taste of the eight-treasure porridge. Don’t add the ingredients randomly, 'a good pot of porridge is broken.' There is nothing wrong with the concept marketing of beverages, but after all, there is a need to increase innovation. It can be said that the health food ingredients are only the marketing point of the merchants, and do not represent the entire product. What should be produced is what should be produced. In the speech 'Strategic Thinking for the Development of the Beverage Industry under the Current SituationPeople are paying more and more attention to food safety and health issues such as blood sugar. Consumers no longer drink beverages just to quench their thirst. More and more people think that beverages are too sweet, contain preservatives, and have technical content. Low, drinking is not good for the body, so they are unwilling to consume.” Therefore, it is not wrong for beverage manufacturers to use the 'health brand' that consumers are willing to consume. However, as a result of this phenomenon, the company itself cannot escape the relationship. 'Our beverage companies have indeed failed to do a good job in product innovation in recent years. One of the most important reasons for Wahaha's development to this day is to continue to innovate. At the initial stage of entrepreneurship, we are weak. We will follow others and engage in follow-up innovation. Make a little improvement on the basis; if you have a little strength, engage in innovation and introduce foreign technologies and products for localization to open up the domestic market; after becoming a leading company, you must innovate independently, and become a leader in the industry and consumption Benchmarking.” In fact, in recent years, most of the Ru0026D personnel of beverage manufacturers have mainly stayed behind closed doors in the laboratory, so the products launched cannot meet the needs of consumers, so consumers do not buy it, and it is difficult to open the market. In the future, it is still necessary to raise the awareness of innovation. Take the health drinks mentioned above, such as maca, hericium, blue gourd, and other beverages on the market. The first thing that was thought out and put into practice was innovation, and the subsequent launches were classified as imitation. Innovation often determines the vitality of the company. And competitiveness. my country's beverage industry needs to innovate beverage machinery and not to lag behind. As a necessary equipment for beverage manufacturers, beverage machinery not only serves the production needs of beverage manufacturers, but also determines whether their production concepts can be put into practice. For example, I want to produce a certain kind of beverage. I have such an idea, and market research shows that it is feasible. In the end, it is left to production. It turns out that the production equipment cannot realize this kind of creativity, which is a bit regrettable. Therefore, beverage machinery plays a vital role in the production of manufacturers. It is understood that my country's beverage equipment companies are mostly small and medium-sized, and there are not many large-scale, internationally competitive beverage machinery manufacturers. There is still a certain gap in the level of the domestic industry compared with developed countries. If we blindly import advanced equipment at high prices from abroad for production, and nothing is conducive to the learning and technological improvement of domestic beverage machinery, then this kind of technology monopoly will be very detrimental to the development of the beverage equipment industry in the long run. As fast-moving consumer goods, beverages are very marketable in my country. If relevant production equipment continues to innovate and core technologies continue to break through to form the country's advantage in the beverage machinery industry, it will inevitably have a huge impact on my country's beverage market and beverage equipment industry.
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