The cause of the problem analysis of the aluminum foil sealing machine

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-29
Analysis of the aluminum foil sealing filler of the cause of the problem - 2019 04 - 09 13:33:53 ( 1) Compressed air hedge transformer plug or improper installation position normal aluminum foil sealing filler filling, compressed air through the two 1 mm holes formed gas pathway. When to set the weight measuring lever up, the connecting rod transmission transformer center blocking gas path, stop filling. If completely removing impurities transformer of compressed air. Cannot form the air channel, LPG filling. Transformer blocked but closed, at the end of the gas flux decreases, make the following pressure valve can not meet work pressure, slow, stop filling is not instant, cause overweight. Transformer is installed on the high side, make measuring high lever up and, more than the balance scale to make its block slice gas way, scale of the response lag, filling are overweight. Transformer is installed on the low side, make a lower measuring lever up and achieve balance balance at the end of the block has been blocking gas path, cause the scale of the response in advance, insufficient filling. Transformer installation is not straight, make measuring lever up, friction between the block slice and transformer, cause lever up slowly, filling caused by overweight. The solution is to remove transformer internal material and installed correctly. ( 2) Pressure valve is too dirty or the gas flux improper conditioning section due to the impurities into the compressed air pressure valve and accumulated to a certain extent, blocking its internal gas path, flux gets smaller, pressure valve can not meet work pressure, slow, stop filling is not instant, cause overweight. When the pressure valve of the gas flux adjustment is too large or too hours, can cause a spirit or slow pressure valve, causing insufficient filling or overweight. The solution is to remove pressure valve internal material and the size of the right to adjust the gas flux. ( 3) Pressure valve leakage. Internal pressure valve rubber diaphragm aged lose elasticity, membrane perforation, diaphragm installation errors, etc. , all can cause air inside the pressure valve leakage. Serious when all the compressed air from the stop button by light-leaking, then press the start button and filling pressure gauge to display & other; Filling and gas & throughout; , open the compressed air diaphragm valve, started to fill gas. But after loosening finger force pressure valve controlled air source, and a large amount of air leakage, internal pressure drops to zero. The diaphragm valve closed, stop filling and gas. Make the filling. Air leakage is not too serious, press the start button can fill gas. Slow release but, after refers to the pressure inside the valve leakage, filling according to pressure gauge pressure slowly drop to zero. The diaphragm valve closed, stop filling and gas. If the leak is small, the cylinder can be poured out in front of the air light-leaking. Little effect on the accuracy of the filling. If air leakage is larger, the cylinder still haven't finished filling and filling was stopped, caused by insufficient filling. Pressure valve diaphragm installation is very tight, not easy to remove. Such as forcibly removed, most will be destroyed, so the fault only replace the pressure valve can be completely solve. ( 4) Start or stop the damage to the two switch damage, respectively, will cause the cylinder or not filling can't stop. That cause insufficient filling or overweight. Change can solve the problem. In order to reduce the effects of the above four issues, and need in a timely manner to the compressed air dehydration, oil removal and remove impurities: at least once a day within the scale on sewage water separator; At least once a month removed all pneumatic components, incomplete decomposition, check its internal conditions, clean up the impurity, and ensure the correct installation.
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