The characteristics of antifreezing fluid filling machine equipment

by:NEWLINE     2020-06-27
The characteristics of antifreeze liquid filling machine equipment nowadays car almost become the transportation of people, all kinds of styles and models on the market, affect our work and life, bring great convenience to our travel. And the arrival of winter, the car to the demand of antifreeze greatly ascend, is the key to ensure the normal order of the automobile engine can we use. And antifreeze production supply without antifreeze liquid filling machine manufacturer, shandong filling machinery is a collection of scientific research, production, sales in the integration of filling equipment manufacturer, specialized in filling industry more than ten years, quality is absolutely, after-sale guarantee. Below we to get to know the characteristics of the antifreeze filling machine equipment. 1, the machine is light and flexible, and can be used independently and sealing machine, labeling machine, printing machine, etc, are widely used in all kinds of wine, glass of water, antifreeze, beverages, condiments, and other liquid filling of the product. 2, the machine adopts linear filling method, system operation adjustment is convenient, simple operation, wide bottle type of application, high filling precision, drip tight, appearance is beautiful and easy. 3, the machine adopts stainless steel structure, easy tear open outfit, easy to clean and conform to GMP requirements. 4, man-machine interface, directly set filling volume, filling volume and filling speed adjustment is simple, the touch screen operation and display, beautiful appearance; 5, PLC program control, frequency converter speed control filling line; Quantitative accurate and reliable; Mechanical seals and automatic back to the suction double drip tight; Fast after slow efficient filling first. This series of filling machine for economic practical, it simple structure, easy to operate, is the ideal production equipment in small and medium-sized plants. Note: the filling range and speed can be based on user requirements to design different filling quotas. Back: small filling machine note page: beverage filling machinery common problems
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