The characteristics of the aluminum foil sealing machine

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-11
The characteristics of the aluminum foil sealing machine, 2019 - 05 - 15 09:43:11 aluminum foil sealing machine features: 1, the machine adopts touch screen and PLC control system in Taiwan, to realize non-contact operation, intuitive and convenient and reliable operation. 2, aluminum foil sealing filler completed by pneumatic way for pipe, tube, accurate and reliable. 3, intelligent temperature control and cooling system, the operation is simple, convenient adjustment. 4, aluminum foil sealing machine automatic sealing, can through different manipulator on unified machine, with twenty percent, thirty percent, while, saddle type folding and sealing a variety of ways. 5, material contact part is made of stainless steel (316 l), clean, health, completely accords with the GMP requirements of pharmaceutical production. 6, aluminum foil sealing machine is equipped with the number of memory and filling quantitative stop device. 7, complete automatic calibration using photoelectric sensor. 8, performed by automatic control system for pipe, tube, fold the knowledge standard, filling, sealing, code, product process. 9, aluminum foil sealing machine structure is compact, automatic closed tube, transmission parts. 10 and adjustment easy tear open outfit. 11, a safety device, open the door down, no tube no filling and overload protection. Aluminum foil sealing filler stainless steel light touch switch board face; Hang on type and hanging straight tube warehouse, can choose; Curved armrest is equipped with a vacuum adsorption device, after armrest and pressure pipe installation interaction, the hose is feeding on the workstation; Photoelectric for standard workstation, with high-precision sensor, stepper motor control such as tube pattern in the correct position; Aluminum foil sealing filler material injection over, air blow-off device blows away the cream tail; Aluminum foil sealing machine no tube no filling; Sealing temperature using ( Leister hot air gun) Tail pipe internal heating, external cooling device; Play word workstation automatically word printed in the position of the technological requirements; Right angles to the plastic mechanical shear hose tail or rounded corners to choose; Aluminum foil sealing filling machine fault protection police, overload downtime; Aluminum foil sealing filler numeration and quantitative downtime.
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