The characteristics of the bottle brush machine

by:NEWLINE     2020-07-29
Bottle brush machine filling characteristics of shandong machinery is a collection of scientific research, production, sales in the integration of filling equipment manufacturer. Specialized in filling industry more than ten years, the quality is absolutely, after-sale guarantee. Can need according to manufacturer design is suitable for the equipment manufacturer, reliable quality, high credibility, reasonable price, perfect after-sale service system. Below we together to understand the characteristics of the next bottle brush machine. Into the bottle, bottle brush machine adopts rotary, side side out of the bottle, the bottle into the automatic into the bottle of dial by manipulator hold bottle, manipulator flip turn, the bottle with mechanical handstand, inverted vertical, just on the nozzle, inside rushed outside at this time, Lin - 8 After 10 seconds, wash over, began to water control, 4 - Manipulator straighten the bottle after 7 seconds, dial into the bottle, the bottle conveyor line, the end of the washing bottle. Bottle brush machine has the following features: shell to pull straight V, V shell of the two leg downward for the hollow body, the top connection of the two leg downward lived for hinged joints, leg in the cavity is equipped with micro motor and battery pack, including micro motor output shaft front end connected to the brush rod, micro motor output shaft front and brush rod joint with waterproof washer, position has a brush body brush rod and V as stated in the shell of the two leg downward is equipped with switch on the wall. The utility model driven by direct current (dc), wipe the bottle clean thoroughly, both safety and health, and save time and effort, also can improve the work efficiency, the quality of the wipe or. If you want to know more information about the filling machine, please pay attention to our website hope the above information will be helpful to you back: filling machine today's glory comes from continuous innovation on the next page: beverage filling machinery common problems
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