The components of the soda can carbonated beverage production line

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-28
Components of the soda can carbonated beverage production line 2018-11-12 16:40 The soda can carbonated beverage production line is developed and designed on the basis of absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad. It is an advanced level of filling and capping equipment. It is mainly used for filling and capping of soda, cola, sparkling wine and other carbonated beverages. It has advanced structure, stable operation, reliable operation, safe operation and convenient maintenance. It adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and high production efficiency. It is an ideal filling and capping equipment for small and medium-sized beverage factories. Structure composition of cans carbonated beverage production line 1) Can washing machine: mainly used for continuous cleaning of three-piece cans and cans, and also suitable for other types of tinplate cans of similar size and shape, with good cleaning effect, reasonable structure, work balance, high production efficiency, etc It is an ideal product on the canned food and beverage production line. 2) Isobaric filling machine: 1. Adopt the principle of isobaric filling. 2. The filling valve adopts high-precision mechanical valve, with fast filling speed and high liquid level accuracy. 3. It has perfect CIP cleaning function. 4. The combination of the guiding device at the filling valve port and the lifting device at the bottom of the supporting bottle ensures the accurate sealing of the bottle mouth and the filling valve and reduces the leakage of materials from the tank mouth. 5. It can fill beer, sparkling wine, and sparkling beverages accurately. It has the characteristics of no broken bottles, no drips, and convenient operation and maintenance. 3) Can sealing machine: 1. The capping part seals the lid to the can with the product already filled, and sends it to the subsequent process by the conveyor chain. 2. The sealing roller is made of high-hardness alloy for hard quenching, and the sealing curve is precisely processed by optical curve grinding to ensure the quality of the sealing and the normal operation of the machine. 3. The machine has a control system with can lower lid and no can not lower lid to ensure normal operation of the machine and reduce lid damage rate. 4. Manually put the aluminum cover in the chute to lower the cover by the gravity of the cover and the thruster. The chute is equipped with a detection switch to ensure that the machine can stop when the cover is missing. 5. According to the tank type of different heights, the capping machine can be manually lifted to meet the requirements.
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