The current market trend of beverage production line equipment

by:NEWLINE     2021-06-10
The current change trend of the beverage production line equipment market 2017-05-27 10:05   The current changes in the beverage production line market are in the domestic market. The beverage industry is developing rapidly, but the company’s cost pressure is gradually increasing. Looking at the domestic beverage market, beverage companies’ Costs continue to increase. When facing cost pressures, companies digest and adjust their beverage production lines, and then reduce production costs. This has become a method adopted by many beverage companies. In this case, the beverage industry has a certain trend of change in packaging equipment. 1. Beverage production line equipment receives market attention. Beverage production line equipment includes blowing, filling, boxing and other parts. It can save production costs for users in terms of overall line functions, engineering design and planning, and personnel management. At present, domestic beverage packaging equipment manufacturers have also highlighted their potential and advantages in supplying low and medium-speed beverage packaging equipment lines. For example, the entire line of quotations is competitive, technical support and after-sales services are provided, and packaging equipment is protected. Low cost. In addition, technical support and service capabilities have been improved, bringing higher benefits to beverage production companies in all aspects. 2. Beverage production line equipment has become the focus of user investigation. The fierce beverage industry competition has brought about the development of beverage blowing and filling technology, which requires the equipment on the beverage packaging equipment line to match each other to optimize the production efficiency of beverage companies . At present, in the packaging equipment line of beverage production companies, there is cost waste in terms of equipment maintenance, plant floor space, personnel management, energy consumption, etc. Therefore, one filling packaging equipment is equipped with a set of standard packaging equipment The design is reasonable, and this design requires that the supplier of the labeling equipment must meet the requirements of the beverage manufacturer in terms of speed.
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