The daily protection and maintenance of machine system of aluminum foil cover

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-18
System of aluminum foil cover machine daily protection and maintenance of 2019 - 04 - 13 09:25:45 1. Survey prior to commencement of pneumatic system of aluminum foil cover machine combination of dual water gas and oil mist filter, if too much water should be timely cleaning, not oil level should be timely come on; 2. In the process of making machine production aluminum foil to patrol survey mechanical parts, often see rolling, lift whether normal, with or without abnormal, screw any loose; 3. Often see the aluminum foil cover ground wire machine equipment, touch requires strong; Often clean the weighing platform; Check the pneumatic pipe with and without leakage, whether the tracheal rupture; 4. Slow mechanical and electrical machine replace lubricating oil every year ( Fat) , check the chain slack, timely adjust the tension; 5. If stop using for a long time, want to put the pipe material emptying; 6. Do aluminum foil manufacturing machine cleaning and hygiene, insist on cleaning machine appearance, often rooting out weigh the product material on the body, pay attention to adhere to the clean in electric control cabinet; 7. Aluminum foil cover machine sensor is high precision, high tightness, high sensitivity equipment, bar impact and overload, and shall not touch in the process of operation, the overhaul to sterilise apart.
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