The development prospects of filling machinery

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-17
The development prospects of filling machinery 2018-09-15 16:45 Although the domestic filling machinery market has great potential for development, since the financial crisis, the development speed of filling equipment has shown that the filling equipment market has increased since entering 2014. Be more and more optimistic. Observed from the statistical data in recent months, especially from the analysis of domestic filling machine sales in March 2014, the sales of filling equipment in March achieved the fastest growth rate in recent years. Basically all The filling machinery manufacturers have all fulfilled the task. The growth of filling machinery should not hesitate to study the market and research needs, carry out in-depth development, focus on the improvement of quality, develop functional packaging machinery with a certain technical content, and welcome the new round of global green economy. Product packaging should gradually change from the previous simple, protective, and passive packaging forms to branded, market-oriented, and active packaging forms. The domestic production of filling machinery originated in the 1980s. The industry has grown from scratch and has grown to the present day. It can be said that it has experienced a lot. Now domestic filling equipment shows an obvious trend of groupization and large-scale. At present, there are hundreds of filling equipment manufacturers in my country, and the manufacturers of packaging machinery have expanded to all walks of life. The extensive use of packaging machinery and equipment in the country has not only improved the development level of domestic packaging machine manufacturers, but also has a great effect on improving the living standards of the people and the working conditions of workers. The current development of filling equipment pays more attention to energy saving, consumption reduction, emission reduction, and safety (personal safety, labor safety, food safety, drug safety, etc.). The new business philosophy has prompted more filling equipment companies to gradually move towards standardization. The domestic packaging machine industry is based on the original emphasis on quality and efficiency. And take on more social responsibilities.
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