The filling machine research and development should be guided by market demand

by:NEWLINE     2020-07-13
Filling machine research and development should be guided by market demand for domestic filling machine industry has become the lifeblood of our economic development, to improve the reliable guarantee for processing industry, is the strong backing, eliminates the have long relied on foreign imports of the status quo of filling machine can enterprise collectivization, quality standardization, cooperative federation development, enterprise and products should be green energy saving and emission reduction, etc. The current domestic economic development level has been raised to a new height, filling machine has entered a stable orbit. In modern times, science and technology is the best tool to accomplish a product, including the filling machine. However, domestic filling machine can not completely meet the requirements for national economic development strategy, and also in the international competition at a disadvantage. Filling machine in our country advanced enough in terms of automation, intelligence, new technology, new material, new craft application is less, the complete set of filling equipment is less, these are the disadvantage of filling machine enterprise development in our country, but also on the other hand, for the filling machine in our country enterprise opens the door to success. Filling machine industry must face up to their own development, to speed up the pace of development on the basis of this breakthrough self. Based on the research and development of the market demand, improve the filling technology as the goal, so developed filling machine to become the market mainstream products. Previous page: small filling machine market development potential big page: beverage filling machinery common problems
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