The first process of the mineral water production line

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-11
The first process of the mineral water production line 2020-10-06 14:55 As our residents' requirements for the quality of drinking water increase, the consumption of mineral water will open up a new market. Because mineral water is in line with people’s pursuit of pure and healthy drinking water, all kinds of bottled mineral water have also entered the market. Bottled water can be seen in the supermarket or in the canteen. This has become popular around us. Of the product. There are two common types of bottled water: one is bottled water in large barrels, which are generally used in shopping malls, homes, and offices, with a water dispenser. The second is small bottled water, mostly 500ml, mostly used in supermarkets and other retail outlets, so that consumers can drink it immediately. Looking at the intensification of environmental pollution, Chinese residents have shown increasing attention to 'healthy' daily necessities. Among them, drinking water is one of the indispensable elements in people's lives. Healthy and high-quality water quality has become the main concern of consumers. Pursuit: In the future, natural mineral water will become the leading product of the drinking water industry. The question that follows is how is mineral water produced? How does the mineral water production equipment work? Is it hygienic? The process of mineral water production is difficult to remove impurities while maintaining minerals that are beneficial to the human body. Therefore, there are extremely high requirements on the mineral water production line. Usually, 9 layers of filtration are required to truly ensure that the impurities are filtered. Including chlorine, bacteria and fungi in water bodies, as well as some decontamination raw materials for water plants. For some special groundwater, some pigments are often left, and the nanofiltration/ultrafiltration device must also be able to remove it. The production line has uninterrupted production every day, so the importance of its daily maintenance can also be known. Before the mineral water production line is turned on and after it is turned off, the relevant manufacturers must follow strict working procedures to disinfect water treatment equipment with ultraviolet rays. At the same time, each batch of mineral water produced must be tested in the laboratory. Suspended matter is detected, or other pollution sources are found in the water body, all this batch of mineral water must be offline; the current mineral water production line is not only used in the production of mineral water, some pharmaceutical manufacturers or hospitals also need the same level Mineral water production lines, ultra-pure water production, etc., mineral water production lines still have a wide range of market applications.
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