The initial introduction of personalized customization can open a new situation in the beverage industry

by:NEWLINE     2021-06-09
The initial introduction of personalized customization can open a new situation in the beverage industry 2017-02-04 08:47 The competition in the summer beverage market has entered a fierce state. How to improve themselves and make a 'money' path has caused many companies to consider transformation and rectification. Whether it’s food packaging design, food nutrition, or marketing concepts, major companies have devoted themselves to the process of improving the production lines of fruit, vegetable, carbonated, and dairy beverages in my country. Wahhaha has started a preliminary exploration of high-end customization. . Recently, a new customized fruit and vegetable juice called kellyOne launched by the successor of Wahaha, Zong Fuli, has caused quite a stir in the industry. Not only because of the jaw-dropping price of RMB 48 for 300/ml, but also because it is the first time in the industry that the complete customization from bottle body to juice ingredients is completely private. Zong Fuli hopes that the revenue of the kellyOne series can reach several billion yuan by 2020. The ideal is beautiful, and the challenge ahead is also arduous. When many companies are testing the high-end market but the response is mediocre, can Wahaha get a place through private customization? Challenge: Can you sell high prices based on your personality? A bottle of Nongfu Spring high-end water for more than 30 yuan, a bottle of Uniform Yangzhi Nectar for 19.9 yuan, a bottle of Coca-Cola coconut water and Unimicro Moments juice for 10 yuan... Starting this year, there has been no shortage of high-end new products in the domestic market. , Then voss and other foreign high-end water will also enter the domestic market. But high-end does not only require high prices, from outer packaging to the scarcity of raw materials to brand culture all need to be able to stand up to the word “high-end” in order to be recognized by consumers. Let's take a look at the outer packaging of kellyOne. In fact, it is aimed at young people, with black and gold as the main color, which is very fashionable. But the biggest feature of high-end drinks is that you are willing to buy them for bottles. From this point of view, the packaging of this product seems a bit sorry for his 48 yuan price. Let's look at the juice ingredients of kellyOne. This juice offers two customization options. The first is to choose from a total of 30 fruit and vegetable juices in six series that have been formulated. The name is very trendy, using a lot of internet language. The second option is to choose 3-5 from the 80 kinds of fruits and vegetables provided. You can adjust the proportion of each kind of fruits and vegetables by yourself, and name them yourself to achieve true customization. Either way, production will only be carried out after consumers place an order. Like other cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices, kellyOne uses HPP high static pressure sterilization technology to sterilize, and the shelf life is only seven days. Cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juice is currently a relatively hot healthy drink. The taste is indeed different from traditional fruit juice. It has the fragrance of fresh fruits and vegetables, and it also contains pulp, which allows you to chew fresh fruits and vegetables. However, most cold-pressed juices on the market sell for around RMB 20. Although Wahaha offers 80 kinds of raw materials, they are all common fruits and vegetables on the market. Therefore, as soon as the product came out, many consumers said that at this price, they were more willing to buy raw materials and use the puree machine to squeeze the juice. Therefore, all the selling points of this high-end fruit and vegetable juice are personalization. As for whether young consumers are willing to spend such an expensive price to reflect their individuality, it can only be proved by the market. Opportunity: Personalized customization requirements for specific occasions-beverage machinery When it comes to high-end customization in the food industry, liquor must be mentioned. Many wine companies provide a full range of private customization services from packaging, bottle body, formula, and flavor. Liquor is not a fast-moving consumer product. The longer the age, the higher the value. It has the meaning of gift preservation and naturally provides a breeding ground for high-end customization of liquor. At present, liquor customization mainly issues commemorative wine, banquet customization, key customer customization, celebrity customization, etc. in limited quantities. Although fruit and vegetable juice is a fast-moving consumer product and does not have a value-preserving function, the commemorative significance of fully customized is also in common with liquor. For example, small banquets and party customization. Imagine taking such a personalized product with the guest’s name and the flavors of fruits and vegetables that the guest likes as a drink at a small party. Is it more meaningful than the more expensive high-end water? Only relying on the 'early adopters' of ordinary consumers to buy, obviously the market demand is extremely limited, and opening up catering channels with customized services may be the key to the survival and development of this product.
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