The oil filling machine maintenance small coup

by:NEWLINE     2020-07-21
Oil filling machine maintenance how small coup oil filling machine maintenance is the most concern in a lot of customers, because once the equipment failure will affect the production of the product. This needs us to pay more attention at ordinary times, standardize the operating machinery and equipment. Let the equipment can normal to work for a long time, will not affect the production of the equipment. Let's get to know better oil filling machine's efficiency, and extend the service life of the maintenance of the coup. 1. Do not use sharp weapon scratched the surface of the filling machine; 2, unpick and wash oil filling machine, remember to close the gas source and power supply, and the rest of the product inside the filling machine clean, then soft cleaning fluid within the tank filling; 3, no matter what don't water wash the fuselage directly, otherwise it will damage the electrical control components, but also increases the risk of electric shock; 4, oil filling machine when the factory has good lubricating oil cylinder, please don't open or any lubricating oil. 5, after turn off the power switch, filling machine inside the part in the electric control circuit and voltage, out in the access control circuit be sure will be the power cord; 6, oil filling machine filling products that cannot be mixed with foreign body, lest cause discharging or attaint parts are not allowed. Shandong filling machinery is a collection of scientific research, production, sales in the integration of filling equipment manufacturer. Specialized in filling industry more than ten years, the quality is absolutely, after-sale guarantee. We have excellent geographical location and the advanced production equipment, ensure the goods delivery to customer in time. Welcome customers to come to consult and choose and buy. Previous page: summer wine filling machine clean page: beverage filling machinery common problems
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