The principle and technical parameters of the aluminum foil sealing machine

by:NEWLINE     2020-08-12
The principle and technical parameters of aluminum foil sealing machine, 2019 - 04 - 10 10:26:34 aluminum foil sealing principle of filling machine, aluminum foil sealing machine is the use of compressed air as power, made an automatic filling system of precision pneumatic components, simple structure, reliable, convenient adjustment, to adapt to all kinds of liquid, viscous fluid, paste filling also applicable in the inflammable and explosive environment work, is the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, cosmetics and other industries the ideal filling equipment. Aluminum foil sealing filler function characteristics: 1. This machine is semi-automatic piston aluminum foil sealing filler. 2. Model machine has the reasonable design of cabinet and easy to operate pneumatic parts adopt Germany and Taiwan AIRTAC FESTO start element. 3. Material contact parts adopt 316 l stainless steel materials. 4. Filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted, and canned precision is high. 5. And stop using drip tight and upgrade filling device. Technical parameters: air pressure: 0. 4 - 0. 6 mpa rate: 4 - 60 bottles/fine degrees: & plusmn; 0. 5% capacity: 5 - 60 ml of gas consumption: & ge; 0. 008m³ / s appearance size: 450 & times; 450× 45-1550 mm heavy quantity: 60 kg operation and maintenance: 1, the machine filling automatic and manual two kinds of action points, when the machine adopts manual, only need to touch the tongue with a bottle a push, began filling of absorb be sure not to touch the tongue to resist. When using automatic discharging must first put the bottle mouth, switch to instant automatic filling, and in a timely manner to replace the bottle. 2, when found filling measurement is not stable, should check sundries feed check valve may be clamped, cause the untight seal, affect the filling quantity. 3, the lower cylinder body material leakage, the piston sealing ring wear, need to replace the sealing ring.
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