The reason why the pure water filling mechanical cylinder does not work

by:NEWLINE     2021-05-09
The reason why the cylinder of the pure water filling machine does not work 2017-02-04 09:42 The pure water filling machine adopts the bottleneck transmission technology to realize automatic disinfection, rinsing, filling, capping and other processes, with a high degree of automation; this beverage Most of the electrical system parts of the machinery are made of advanced foreign products, and all the parts in contact with the equipment are made of high-quality stainless steel, which has the characteristics of wear resistance, stability, and low failure rate. The product quality is at the international advanced level. But if it is found that the pure water filling mechanical cylinder does not work, what causes it? There are several reasons and solutions: 1. Check whether the fuse is burned out, if it is burned out, please replace it with a new one in time; 2. Whether the emergency stop switch is pressed, turn the emergency stop switch to restore it In situ; 3. Check whether the O-ring of the cylinder piston is sticky, and make the piston stuck, replace the O-ring seal; 4. Whether the filling spool in the filling head is stuck, if stuck, please change the valve Reinstall the core; 5. Check whether the air source and power switch are turned on, if not, turn on the air source switch and power; 6. Whether the two magnetic switches are in good condition, if damaged, please replace them in time; 7. Whether the barometer meets the requirements and whether there is an air source entering the machine, please connect the air source and make sure the pressure reaches the requirements; 8. Check whether the cylinder piston is stuck, if there is any problem, please reinstall the position; 9. Fix the magnetic switch Position, the rear magnetic switch must be fixed at the rear of the cylinder where the cylinder can work, and cannot be moved.
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