The role of beverage mixer

by:NEWLINE     2021-04-26
The function of the beverage mixer2018-03-20 13:08 The beverage mixer is precisely and carefully designed to increase the ratio of water, syrup and carbon dioxide. It adopts foreign advanced technology-static mixer to thin the water layer, increase the carbonization time, and ensure Beverage mixing effect; the use of carbon dioxide reflux deoxygenation not only saves carbon dioxide but also achieves the purpose of deoxygenation; high-quality water pumps and electrical appliances constitute a complete automatic control system. This beverage machine has the advantages of coordinated action, beautiful appearance, convenient cleaning, and high degree of automation. Suitable for the mixing of various types of beverages. Soft and hard drinks such as soft drinks, juice drinks, and cola. Equipment features: 1. The beverage mixing machinery has excellent material selection and refined processing. All parts in contact with beverages (such as containers, pipes, etc.) are made of high-quality low-carbon stainless steel, and the inner and outer surfaces are finely polished, which fully meets the requirements of international food hygiene standards. 2. Fully automatic, with alarm. The pressure and liquid level in each tank of the beverage machinery are automatically adjusted, and the whole process of production and operation is controlled by PLC. Once a fault occurs, it will automatically alarm and stop automatically, and automatically start after resetting. 3. Easy to operate and easy to adjust. This machine is particularly convenient to operate. Normal operation can be achieved by turning the knobs in sequence according to the prescribed procedure; without replacing any parts, it is easy to adjust the production capacity, the ratio of water to sugar, and the air content. 4. Mix well and proportion accurately. Because this series of beverage mixers use the advanced technology of one-time mixing, the mixing is uniform, and the mixing ratio of water and sugar is strictly controlled by a fine-tuning metering needle valve, and its accuracy can reach about five thousandths. 5. Sufficient air content, count first. Vacuum deoxygenation at room temperature is used, and the deoxygenation rate is more than 90%, and it is equipped with a plate heat exchanger to cool the sugar-water mixture for secondary carbonation, so the gas content is extremely high. 6. Self-cleaning and sanitation. This beverage machine is equipped with an in-situ cleaning device, which can automatically clean and disinfect the inside of the equipment without disassembling any parts. The beverage produced by this machine meets the requirements of international food-related hygiene standards.
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