The scope and purpose of drinking water filling machinery

by:NEWLINE     2021-04-21
The scope and purpose of drinking water filling machinery 2017-01-24 09:38 Suzhou Niulaan Beverage Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a joint venture in Hefei Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. and Zhangjiagang Dayu Machinery Co., Ltd., which produces small and medium beverages Production line, beverage filling equipment, juice filling production line, tea beverage filling production line, pure water production line, bottled water filling production line, pot water production line, gas-free beverage production line, beverage packaging. Niulaan Beverage Machinery adheres to market-oriented, technology-leading, quality-oriented, and service-guaranteed. It has established a sound quality assurance system, passed the ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification, and is equipped with complete testing and inspection facilities. Niulaan Beverage Machinery has a high-quality technical development team and rich experience in the production and manufacturing of filling machinery, including RCG series hot filling machinery, CGF series pure water filling machinery, DGG series carbonated beverage filling machinery and QGF series barrels The beverage production line, QHS series beverage mixer, glass bottle cleaning and filling equipment, and mineral water production equipment are manufactured by digesting and absorbing advanced technology from Germany, Italy, and Japan, reaching the same level as the international advanced filling equipment manufacturing. At the same time, Niulan Beverage Machinery can provide customers with supporting services such as process consulting, plant graphic design, installation and commissioning, and technical training. At present, the company's products are sold well in 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and exported to more than ten countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, Russia, CIS, West Asia, and South Africa. The drinking water filling machine adopts the bottleneck transmission technology to realize automatic disinfection, rinsing, filling, capping and other processes, with a high degree of automation; most of the electrical system parts of the beverage machine adopt foreign advanced products. All the parts in contact with liquid are made of high-quality stainless steel, which has the characteristics of wear resistance, stability, and low failure rate. The product quality is at the international advanced level. Scope of application: The water treatment equipment of Niulaan Beverage Packaging Machinery utilizes raw water (tap water, surface water, ground water) through a quartz sand filter, an activated carbon filter, a softener, and a precision filter to send the raw water to the reverse osmosis through a high-pressure pump The device directly produces product water. It is suitable for preparing pure water. Ultrafiltration system is usually used to produce mineral water and mountain spring water. It is a process of separating impurities in liquid by using different pore diameters of ultrafiltration membranes with pressure as the driving force. Currently in the water treatment industry, polypropylene hollow fiber modules are the most widely used. The treated water is provided to the pure water three-in-one filling machine, the juice and pulp four-in-one filling machine, the hot-filling three-in-one machine, the production line of carbonated beverages, etc.
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